University Relations & Community Outreach

Brand development

The brand is the personality we want the KFUPM brand to convey in visual and verbal communication. The KFUPM brand is based on the brand's essence, character, and attributes to distinguish it among competing universities. It is the essence of how we want to be known.

URCO has revitalized KFUPM’s visual brand and its identity elements with latest visual standards. Followings are the Brand elements which are explained in detail

  1. Logo
  2. Sub Types
  3. University Fonts
  4. Octagon, Trapezoid
  5. Primary colors
  6. Auxiliary colors
  7. Photography

Brand Website

URCO has developed a dedicated website for providing an easy access to Visual Identity Guidelines and resources to designers, developers and content writers to implement KFUPM Brand in a proper way.


Brand Manual

A brand manual is developed to provide details of the brand implementation with examples that covers the following areas:

  1. Print Material
    • Advertising
    • Office stationary
    • Bag, CD Cover
    • Cup, T-shirt
  2. Cell phone / Tablet
  3. Signage
  4. Website

Brand Assistance

Use branding website as a resource in the creation or implementation of new communication materials for KFUPM. Should additional information, interpretation or assistance be needed by contacting us at