University Relations & Community Outreach

Vision, Mission & Goals


We aspire to involve every member of the KFUPM society in impact-driven partnerships
that aim at inspiring, serving and engaging the community at large.


Engaging our society, alumni, and partners in valuable endeavors. We are committed to:

  • Uphold and strengthen the KFUPM brand
  • Oversee community outreach activities across KFUPM and maximize their impact
  • Proactively identify new paradigms of community engagement and set strategic directions
  • Ensure alignment of community service initiatives with societal needs and identify improvement opportunities
  • Strengthen mutually beneficial relations with partners across the community


URCO is responsible for two strategic goals, according to the KFUPM Second Strategic Plan (2011-2020):

Goal #4: Engage in outreach activities that are valuable to the community and enriching to KFUPM

Goal #8: Enhance competitiveness through image and brand building

In addition, URCO has defined the following operational goals:

  1. To improve the perception of KFUPM as a leading educational and research institution, as well as active contributor to community development by offering its resources and services
  2. To oversee and monitor and oversee community outreach activities across KFUPM and involve all departments in proactive planning
  3. To create awareness of KFUPM community outreach initiatives through providing facilitation to the departments for exploring opportunities
  4. To provide public relations & Information support and logistics
  5. To ensure brand compliance is in practice and following identity standards.